Ryan Stewart

I’m Ryan, I Really Like Beer

This blog is the personal project of Ryan Stewart. I’ve lived in Ballard for 15 years and have been into craft beer for almost as long. I’ve watched enthusiastically as Ballard has become a beer destination and have tried to enjoy as much of the beer as I can.

I tried my hand at homebrewing but realized that there so many better beers to drink around Ballard than what I could make which gave me an excuse to just enjoy and learn about beer through drinking it. I work in tech for Okta, so I’m not in the industry and I’m not certified in anything. I just enjoy nerding out about beer when I can. I wanted an excuse to write and learn more about beer while contributing back to the zeitgeist, so the blog was born.

For the most part, this blog will be reviews of various beers or beer drinking spots in Ballard. Once travelling opens up, I may also take some time to write about beer in other parts of the country and world. If you see me out and about in Ballard, feel free to say hello or share some beer knowledge.