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Introducing the Ballard Beer Blog

Welcome to the Ballard Beer Blog, a blog about the people, breweries, and most importantly, beer in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. You can read a bit more background about the blog on the About page but I also wanted to take a second to introduce things here.

I've tried to become a big beer nerd over the past few years with semi-reasonable success. And luckily as I've gotten more and more into beer, the number of breweries in my neighborhood has increased. I also work on the web team at Adobe where I help create tools for designing and building websites. A blog seemed like a natural fit.

The Technology

This is first and foremost a blog about beer. But it's also a chance for me to play with some of the web tools and technologies that I'm tracking for work. I coded and designed the site from scratch (you'll notice instantly that I'm not a designer). The entire thing is hosted on GitHub as an open source project (want to take something? Go ahead!) and was built using Sass, Compass, and Susy. I also (mostly) used Brackets, a code editor we started at Adobe.

The Beer

I'm planning on covering anything I can think of when it comes to Ballard beer and beer spots. Best features for kids at various Ballard breweries? Interviews with the brewers? Behind the scenes video tours? Awesome beer photos? Beer reviews of new (and old) Ballard beers? It's all on the table. My main reason for doing the blog is to learn more about beer, become a better beer writer, and connect with the fantastic Ballard beer community.

The Site

As part of playing around, there are a few things I want to point out about the site. The first is that the site should be equally readable on your iPhone as it is on your desktop computer. I tried to make the whole thing responsive so it looks good on any screen.

Second, I created a section for Ballard Beer Crawls with some suggestions for how to "crawl" Ballard. I figured doing all 10 is a big undertaking so I divided it up by theme so you can do multiple crawls and hit 3-4 breweries for each one.

Third, in order to help people interested in becoming more knowledgable beer drinkers, I created a Beer 101 section. You can find out a bit more about some of the terms you'll hear while drinking in Ballard. I also did a section on different beer styles and the different hops that are used which include examples of specific beers in Ballard that fall into the various categories.

Lastly, I created a section for each brewery in Ballard (Bad Jimmy's we're coming for you soon). The individual brewery pages will show you a list of recent blog posts related to that brewery as well as the hours and contact info for the brewery.


Whew, I think that's it. Thanks for checking out the blog and reading this far. If you have feedback, feel free to drop us an email at, follow us on Twitter @ballardbeerblog, Facebook at ballardbeerblog, or our Instagram account.




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