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Blimey That's Bitter Launch

Blimey That's Bitter Launch

Reuben's had the official release party for their triple IPA, Blimey That's Bitter, on Friday and it was an all around fun event. I got there right on the dot at 3:00 and had to wait outside for a few minutes as the line to get bottles and tasters was all the way out the door and then some.

Each person was allowed to grab two bottles, there wer also some Blimey shirts available, and they had Blimey on tap as well as on cask. I tried both the cask and regular tap, and while regular tap was great, I thought this beer really shone on cask. I overheard some people during the Washington Beer Open House talking about how they didn't like cask beers because they felt flat, but I think with a few exceptions, beers on cask let the flavors shine a lot more. In the case of Blimey, the cask was the perfect temperature, the pine and citrus in the hops were more pronounced, and the aroma was deeper.

I hung out for a little while and had one too many, but I noticed a pattern while I was there. Most people cycled through in a 45-60 minute window. At 3:30, the place was standing room only. 15 minutes later, things started to clear out, the original group had emptied their tables and the line was pretty short. By 4:00 that seating was all gone and the room was back to being standing room only with a long line for drinks/bottles. So if you're planning on coming by for a big release and you can't make it on the dot when it starts, come by 45 minutes after.

I took some photos while at the launch and tried to capture as much of the green and gold as I could.

As of yesterday at 5:00 there was still Blimey left, so if you haven't gotten your bottles yet, it might be worth trying today.


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