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Ballard Beers at Cask Fest and Giveaway

Cask Fest 2014
WABL just sent out the list of beers (PDF) at Cask Festival 2014 and it looks like there are some fantastic beers on offer from Ballard Breweries.


Unfortunately I have to be gone the weekend of Cask Festival for work, but that means I've got a ticket I can't use. It doesn't look like the event is sold out yet, but it usually does. If you're looking for a free extra ticket, just email me and tell me what you like best about cask beer. The answer I like the best will get the ticket.

Here's what the participating Ballard Breweries are pouring:

Hale's Ales Brewery

Maritime Pacific Brewing - Seattle

NW Peaks Brewery - Seattle

Populuxe Brewing - Seattle


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