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Ballard Breweries at the Washington Beer Commission's Open House

Washington Beer Commission's 2014 WA Beer Open House
A ton of Ballard breweries are participating in the Washington Beer Commission's 2014 WA Beer Open House this Saturday, the 22nd, and from what I've seen our neighborhood breweries are going to have some great stuff on tap.

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Beer Review: Hilliard's Original Singe

Hilliard's Original Singe
My perfect beer involves wood in any capacity. For most of the craft beer world, great "wood" beers are barrel-aged beers. The variety of flavors that wood imparts on those beers is a marvel. But for something unique, in my mind, nothing beats the Rauchbier. The Rauchbier, which is German for "Smoke Beer" is a beer made with smoked malt. The malt is usually smoked with beechwood and in a good Rauchbier the smoke will prominently present itself in the nose and the overall flavor of the beer. It's a unique experience and a fantastic beer.

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Hilliard's Taproom Now Open Wednesday

According to this tweet and their website, Hilliard's has added Wednesday to their open days. They'll now be open 3PM to 11PM on Wednesdays through Fridays.

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